Retro 1984 Candy Gift Box with 1984 Highlights

Retro 1984 Candy Gift Box with 1984 Highlights
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30th Birthday Gift. In our 1984 Candy Box we have included the most popular candies from the eighties and on the cover we have featured all the best TV shows of 1984, best Music, best movies, fashion ,memories, events and the most popular names from 1984. from the eighties.

On the inside cover we have a news print with all the popular TV Shows of 1984, Best Songs, Best Movies ,Favorite Baby Names and Memories.
This is a list from which we select your candies; Pop Rocks, Nerds,Swedish Fish,Laffy Taffy,Tootsie Rolls,Tootsie Pops, Smarties,.. A mixture of small, medium and full size candies) weighs 1 pounds. Box size approx. 10" by 10" x 2". Some items may be substituted when necessary.30th Birthday Gift       

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